EXCLUSIVE Iran is the 9th Country in the World to Launch Satellite into Space

EXCLUSIVE Iran is the 9th Country in the World to Launch Satellite into Space
Sun Feb 8, 2015 15:02:17

The deputy of the Iranian space agency mentioned in his interview with AL-ALAM News Channel that Iran is the ninth country in the world to design and manufacture and sending satellites into space.

Iranian scientists successfully launche home-made satellite into space last Monday. Alalam News Channel made an interview with the deputy of space agency on this issue.

 "We are capable of sending other countries' satellites into space by means of Safir-1B Launch vehicle", Hamid Fazeli said on Sunday in his interview with Alalam News Channel in "Men Tehran" program (From Tehran).

Fajr, is the fourth Iranian-made satellite put into orbit aboard Safir Launch vehicle.

There are not several countries with the capability of sending home-made satellite into orbit and among them Iran is the ninth.

FAJR which is the fourth home-made satellite of Iran has GPS navigation system and put into orbit aboard Safir launch vehicle.

Iran is one of the 24 founding members of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, which was set up in 1958.

The Safir-1B is the second generation of Safir SLV and can carry a satellite weighing 60 kilograms into an elliptical orbit of 300 to 450 kilometers. The thrust of the Safir-1B rocket engine has been increased from 32 to 37 tons.

Safir is Iran's first Expendable Launch Vehicle capable of placing light-weight satellites into orbit around Earth. The Safir launcher was modified from the Kavoshgar-1 sounding rocket which itself used heritage from the Shahab-3 Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile. Safir is a two-stage rocket standing around 22 meters tall with diameter of 1.35 meters and a launch mass between 25 and 28 metric tons.


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