World Media Continue Covering Leader's Message to Western Youth

World Media Continue Covering Leader's Message to Western Youth
Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:07:42

The world media still continue covering the Wednesday night message that Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei sent to the European youth, FNA reports.

The Veterans Today published the full text of Ayatollah Khamenei's letter to the western youth, and said the Iranian leader asked them to pass it on to any young people they may know.

In addition to the West, the message has received a wide coverage in the Middle-Eastern and regional media outlets as well.

Pakistan's Dawn and News websites, Iraq's Alforat, Al-Ahd, Al-Ettejah, Nahrainnet, Egypt's Al-Ahram, Al-Nahar, Al-Nil TV channel, Al-Yaom Sebeh, and Al-Safir, Jordanian Al-Ray, Lebanon Info, Felestin Al-Yaom, MTV, Swiss Info, Al-Vatan al-Arabi, Turkish Anadolu, Time Turk, Tele Khabar, Topolom Khabar, the China International Radio, and Xinhua have all underlined the importance of Ayatollah Khamenei's letter and termed it unprecedented and influential.

In the meantime, 2 leading Israeli papers of Jerusalem post and Haaretz also dealt with the Iranian leader's letter.

Al-Quds al-Arabi, printed on London, wrote that the Iranian Leader did not try to impose his thoughts on the audience, instead he called on the western youths to study Islamic religious sources and avoid prejudice.

Most of the abovementioned news agencies, websites, TV channels, and papers were surprised at the logical and scientific expansions of a religious leader who has portrayed new images of a divine religion.

The Saudi Arabian Ilaf site quoted Ayatollah Khamenei as asking the western youth, "Why are you afraid of Islam?"

Also, Albawaba analysis website wrote that Ayatollah Khamenei voiced readiness to lead the interested western young people towards pure and reliable Islamic sources to know more about the realities of this religion.


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"You, western young people, do not permit western-backed terrorists to introduce themselves as the representatives of Islam," Ayatollah Khamenei was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

CNN International‎, New York Times‎, Yahoo and Google news services also published leaders letter.

On Wednesday, Ayatollah Khamenei sent a highly important message to the European youth to stress that the Islam the West is trying to portray is a forged concept and not the reality.

Also 'Iran Daily' on Saturday praised Iran Leader's letter to European and N.American youth asking them not to judge Islam based on the recent attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which published profane cartoons on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Iran daily believe the letter is timely and comes amid the media hype against Islam after the deadly attack on the above-stated French magazine, underscored the paper.

Efforts have been underway for many years in the West to present a violent, distorted image of Islam, with the Western media deliberately trying to call the terrorists 'Islamic militants' to show that terrorism is rooted in Islam.

Unbiased experts agree that the West should seek the roots of the rising terrorism in its past and current colonial policies, instead of accusing a religion or a particular region.

The West should realize that spreading hatred and discord to undermine a religion could promote acts of violence that are not in favor of any nation, it noted.

In fact, all of us, especially the youth worldwide, should not miss the opportunity to gain correct and unbiased understanding of Islam so that hopefully, as the Leader said, due to their sense of responsibility toward the truth, future generations would write the history of this current interaction between Islam and the West with a clearer conscience and lesser resentment.

This is the legacy all nations should pursue to shape a world devoid of injustice, violence and terrorism, the paper wrote in conclusion.

Us secretary of states believes Violent extremists who are killing children and others in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and other parts of the world may cite Islam as a justification, but the West should be careful about calling them Islamic radicals, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Friday at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

In a speech calling for a global effort against violent extremism, Kerry said it would be a mistake to link Islam to criminal conduct rooted in alienation, poverty, thrill-seeking and other factors.

“We have to keep our heads,” Kerry said. “The biggest error we could make would be to blame Muslims for crimes…that their faith utterly rejects,” he added

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