ISIL Trafficking Human Organs From Bodies of Kidnapped Captives

ISIL Trafficking Human Organs From Bodies of Kidnapped Captives
Tue Dec 9, 2014 09:12:37

ISIL has found various methods to reel in its revenue such as oil production, human trafficking, and drug smuggling. However, it has been revealed that there is yet another lucrative source for ISIL funding: trafficking human organs.

There are two funding sources for ISIL: internal and external. The latter includes a wide variety of funding schemes, including through medical facilities, oil and human trafficking mafias.

According to a recent report addressing the various revenue sources of the ISIL, a doctor from Mosul named Siruwan al-Mosuli is claiming that the terrorist group hired foreign doctors to run an extensive organ trafficking system that has the potential to generate great profits.

Mosuli, who is an ear, nose and throat doctor by trade, said he noticed something fishy when ISIL leaders hired new Arab and foreign doctors to work in their hospitals in Mosul and did not allow the foreign doctors to interact with the local doctors. Mosuli said that soon after, information was leaked to him about organ selling.

According to Mosuli, the ISIL takes organs from a variety of sources. He said the organs mostly come from dead militants, whose bodies are quickly transported to the hospital. However, Mosuli said that ISIS also takes organs from individuals they kidnap (religious minorities like Christians and Yazidis). According to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), ISIL also sells the bodies and organs of the injured individuals under ISIL arrest.

The terrorist's organ trafficking system would not be successful without the aid of external expert organ transporters, or as the report calls them "networks specialized in trafficking human organs." Mosuli further added that the network is a "specialized mafia" dedicated to organ smuggling and nothing else.

Although Mosuli said that organ selling can yield outstanding profit, it absolutely requires coordination between all parties involved, including the cooperation of hospitals and other medical institutions in other countries, because the organs must be transported and implanted in a timely manner. He added that without such coordination, the success of the trade could not be maintained.


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