ISIS Intensified Attacks on Kobane + Video

Thu Oct 23, 2014 21:12:35

The ISIS militant group gained ground Thursday around Kobane despite more than two weeks of intensive US-led airstrikes and an airdrop of weapons and ammunition to its Kurdish defenders, DPA reports.

The terrorists recaptured high ground west of the town and pressed their assault inside Kobane's northern districts, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group said, while amateur video appears to show the Kurdish YPG militia attacking ISIS fighters in northern Syria.

The terrorists are thought to be trying to capture the Turkish border gate at Mursitpinar, the besieged town's only lifeline.

Capturing the crossing would also preempt any reinforcements by Iraqi Kurds, who on Wednesday voted to send reinforcements to Kobane.

Senior Kobane official Idriss Nassan told dpa that preparations were under way for the Iraqi Peshmerga forces to come to the aid of the town and they were expected to "arrive very soon."

ISIS positions around Kobane have been the chief target of the US-led air campaign against the group since the terrorists broke through the town's defences on October 6.

On the same day, US forces acting alone targeted what they claimed was a network of al-Qaeda veterans based in Syria's Aleppo province who were planning attacks overseas.

The air campaign continued overnight with four strikes around Kobane as well as two on ISIS oil holding tanks near Deir al-Zour .The US-led coalition also carried out nine strikes in neighboring Iraq.

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