‘Iran first to help Iraq against ISIL’

‘Iran first to help Iraq against ISIL’
Fri Sep 26, 2014 22:55:00

Iraq’s President Fuad Masum has praised Iran as the first country to provide weapons to Iraq to fight against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

Speaking at the US Council of Foreign Relations, Masum also noted that Iran was the first country to provide humanitarian aid for the people of Sinjar, a town in northwestern Iraq which was attacked by the ISIL in early summer.

The Iraqi president noted that Baghdad and Tehran share mutual interests as two neighbors.

Masum argued that the ISIL did not assist the Sunni Iraqi citizens and merely forced them to flee their homes in Mosul.

Iran has repeatedly stressed that it will not interfere militarily in Iraq, but promised to provide aid to the country in the course of its fight against ISIL.

Since early this year, Iraq has been facing a growing militancy by ISIL Takfiri group and its allied militants, who have taken over areas in the country’s west and north. The crisis has deteriorated since June, when the ISIL declared a so-called caliphate in the territories they have seized.

Mosul, which is Iraq's second largest city, has been also captured during militants’ rapid advance across the country. The ISIL cult destroyed a number of historic landmarks in the city last month, including several mosques and shrines.

The ISIL terrorists have threatened all communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians and Izadi Kurds, in Iraq. They have been committing heinous crimes in the areas they have taken, including the mass execution of civilians as well as Iraqi army troops and officers.

source: presstv

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