Iranian researchers boost solar cell efficiency

Iranian researchers boost solar cell efficiency
Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:28:00

Iranian researchers at the University of Science and Technology, Tehran, have developed a method to increase efficiency of solar cells.

One of clean and environmental methods for generating power is to use solar cells converting the sun's energy to electricity, said Mohammad-Reza Zamani, a researcher at the university.
"Solar cells which became sensitive with DSSC pigments are one of solar cells with organic materials which have less efficiency comparing to other types," he said.
However, according to the scientist, the main problem is mixture of the pigments and destructive chemical reactions in TiO2 layers as one of the main layers of the cell.
The chemical reactions would lead to less absorption of light photons and destruction of thin Tio2 layer.
Based on the new method developed by Iranian scientists, two or more intended pigments are placed in the layer. They occupy parts of the layer separately without any mixture.
The efficiency of solar cells built by the method shows increased efficiency.