Israeli PM threatens to reoccupy Gaza Strip

Israeli PM threatens to reoccupy Gaza Strip
Sun Aug 31, 2014 16:38:57

The Zionist prime minister has hinted at reoccupying the besieged Gaza Strip, while the Palestinian resistance group has blasted Israeli suggestions of disarming the resistance fighters as worthless rhetoric.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Saturday threat of further aggression came less than a week after the Israeli regime’s 50-day onslaught on the besieged Palestinian enclave finally came to a halt following a long-term cease-fire agreement.

Netanyahu defended Tel Aviv’s devastating war on Gaza, adding that toppling Hamas still tops the regime’s agenda.

He said that Palestinians should choose between Hamas and peace with Tel Aviv.

The Israeli officials are pushing for the disarmament of the Palestinian resistance groups, including Hamas, but the spokesman for the group has totally dismissed the idea.

Sami Abu Zuhri insisted that it is the Israeli regime which should be disarmed for killing children and women.

More than 2,200 Palestinians, nearly 500 of them children, lost their lives during the recent Israeli offensive.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu, in a bid to downplay the role of the resistance of the Palestinians in forcing Israel to agree to a cease-fire, claimed that the reason for the regime’s decision to end the Gaza strikes was to concentrate on other regional issues.

"We fought for 50 days and we could have fought for 500 days, but we are in a situation where the Islamic State (ISIL) is at the gates of Jordan, Al-Qaeda is in the Golan and Hezbollah is at the border with Lebanon," Netanyahu said.

"We decided not to get bogged down in Gaza, and we could have, but we decided to limit our objective and restore calm to Israeli citizens," Netanyahu added.


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