Hamas rules out truce without end to Gaza seige

Hamas rules out truce without end to Gaza seige
Sat Aug 23, 2014 07:59:57

Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has said that the Palestinians would not accept anything less than an end to Israeli regime's blockade of Gaza, as Zionist troops continued to attack the besieged enclave.

Haniyeh accused the Tel Aviv regime of using negotiations as a cover for their crimes and said it must accept the "fair demands" made by the Palestinian delegation, adding that Hamas would not accept anything less than an end to Israel's assault and the blockade.

Palestinians have demanded in indirect negotiations in Cairo that Israel end its blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has crippled the tiny coastal enclave's economy and led to widespread suffering, as well as re-open an airport and seaport, among other demands.

Haniyeh urged Egypt to hold Israel responsible for crimes committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, adding that Israel is responsible for the collapse of the indirect ceasefire talks in Cairo.

Senior Hamas official Mushir al-Masri said Friday that a return to indirect ceasefire negotiations is conditional on Israel accepting Palestinians demands.

He said that Israel should accept what was discussed in indirect talks or prepare for a "long war."

Israel has not responded to Palestinian truce offers, but has instead insisted that Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza disarm.

Palestinian groups have refused this demand, pointing out that it was Palestinian military strength that repelled the Israeli assault and invasion that has so far left 2,090 Palestinians dead, more than 10,500 injured, and at least 100,000 homeless.


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