Resistance forces tentatively accept 3-day truce deal

Resistance forces tentatively accept 3-day truce deal
Sun Aug 10, 2014 22:16:04

A new 72-hour ceasefire agreement in the besieged Gaza Strip has reportedly been reached between the Zionist regime and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in Cairo following mediation effort by Egyptian authorities.

A Palestinian official was cited in Sunday press reports as stating that Egypt had received "simultaneous consensus" from both sides and would officially announce a timing for the start of the ceasefire.

Meanwhile, a report from Gaza by Lebanon-based Al-Manar TV further states that Palestinian resistance groups have agreed to the 3-day truce on the condition that the Israeli regime must be serious and refrain from wasting time and delaying tactics with regards to the final negotiations.

The development comes as Zionist forces resumed their brutal pounding of the densely-populated Palestinian enclave on Saturday after an earlier ceasefire deal ended on Friday.

Over 1,900 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 10,000 injured as the result of the relentless Israeli aerial and ground assaults on the impoverished territory, further leaving behind massive destruction of homes and city infrastructures.


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