US lawmakers pass urgent funding of Israel's Iron Dome

US lawmakers pass urgent funding of Israel's Iron Dome
Sat Aug 2, 2014 10:42:05

US lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved an emergency measure in the nation’s Congress to grant $225 million in additional funding to the Zionist regime for its Iron Dome missile defense system amid the Israeli brutal onslaught on the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip.

US Senate’s Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid received unanimous consent from fellow lawmakers Friday morning when he asked them to consider approving the measure, The Hill newspaper reported.

The lower US House of Representatives also overwhelmingly passed the additional funding measure Friday evening by a vote of 395-8.

The package will put nearly a quarter of a billion dollars towards the Israeli regime’s missile system, which is jointly built by giant US arms maker Raytheon, as Zionist forces continue their campaign against the besieged Palestinian enclave.

“They’re running out of Iron Dome missiles to protect themselves,” said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham at the hearing, according to The Hill.

“We are with you. Here are the missiles,” said the hawkish lawmakers from North Carolina.

“We are with the Israelis, because if they don’t have the Iron Dome, they can’t defend themselves,” added another fervently pro-Israeli Senator John McCain of Arizona.

The Zionist forces have been waging a brutal campaign on Gaza for nearly a month now, killing over 1,800 and injuring nearly 10,000 Palestinian residence in the densely populated territory.

Earlier this week, the relentless Israeli strikes on Gaza resulted in the shelling of a United Nations-run school inside of a Palestinian refugee camp, killing and injuring many people, including women, children and school staff.

The attack was widely condemned across the world, even by the White House and UN secretary general, but that same day Washington reportedly approved an Israeli request for additional rounds of ammunition from the US.


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