Iran commander insists US behind ISIL terrorism

Iran commander insists US behind ISIL terrorism
Sun Jul 6, 2014 20:47:08

A top Iranian military official has blamed official Washington for orchestrating what he described as the war of terror on the Iraqi nation by Takfiri ISIL terrorists.

Iranian Armed Forces Deputy Chief of Staff Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri emphasized on Sunday that the turmoil in Iraq, Syria and other regional countries cannot be simply viewed as random acts by extremist terrorist groups but are actually "part of the arrogant system’s strategy to confront the Islamic Awakening."

After the failure of the West’s meddlesome policies, it has focused its main strategy on fueling sectarian and ethnic wars in the region, Jazayeri added.

He emphasized that the enemy seeks to block the formation of independent and democratic countries, guarantee the security of the Israeli regime in order to suppress the resistance against Zionism, and prevent the establishment of independent regional powers which would stand up to arrogant Western powers.

“The US seeks to [implement] fundamental changes, weaken regional powers and break resistance in the region,” Jazayeri pointed out.

The Iranian commander said the US is making efforts to exert more pressure on the resistance by creating a new front in Iraq, adding, “This is while the resistance will not allow the enemy to cross its red lines.”

Iraq is currently witnessing a wave of violence, which escalated after the militants from the ISIL terrorist group took control of large swathes of the country, including key cities last month. The Iraqi forces are pressing ahead with their fight against the militants from the terrorist group, who have threatened to take the battle to Baghdad.

The United Nations said last Tuesday that violence claimed the lives of 2,417 Iraqis in June, making it the deadliest month so far this year.

More than one million people have been also displaced in Iraq so far this year, according to the United Nations.


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