Israeli PM backs “Kurdish independence” in Iraq

Israeli PM backs “Kurdish independence” in Iraq
Sun Jun 29, 2014 23:24:41

Israeli regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has endorsed the de-facto independence of Iraqi Kurds, citing the “collapse” of Iraq amid the foreign-backed terrorist campaign in the country by the al-Qaeda-linked ISIL Takfiri militants.

Netanyahu further urged support for the “Kurdish aspiration for independence,” RT reported Sunday.

The hawkish Zionist official also claimed on Sunday that Kurds are “fighting people that has proved its political commitment, political moderation, and deserves political independence,” according to a Reuters report.

Speaking at Tel Aviv University’s INSS think-tank, Netanyahu went on to describ the situation in Iraq and the Middle East in general as a “collapse,” due to what he falsely portrayed as a sectarian divide among the country’s Muslim population.

Amid the recent ISIL terrorist campaign in the war-torn Arab country, some Kurdish elements have seized the opportunity to mention plans to seek an independent state of Kurdistan.

In the past, Netanyahu has also lend his support for anti-Syria terrorists and foreign-backed insurgents and has established Israeli field hospitals to treat terrorists injured in battles against Syrian government troops.

Netanyahu shaking hands with a terrorist injured in the insurgency war against the Syrian government

Some press reports indicate that Kurdish Peshmerga armed forces have been guarding their provincial borders from ISIL terrorists while also seizing the contested Iraqi city of Kirkuk, illegally proclaiming it as part of their territory.

Now, in an obvious challenge against the international community's support of a unified Iraq, the hawkish Israeli official, well-known for his racist and angry remarks against Arabs, Iranians and even American, is now urging support Kurdish independence and disintegration of Iraq.

“We the Kurdish aspiration for independence,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying.


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