Syrians eager to cast vote in presidential poll

Syrians eager to cast vote in presidential poll
Mon May 26, 2014 10:09:12

Syrian people continue to take to the streets and organize activities in daily outpourings of enthusiasm ahead of the country's presidential election slated for June 3.

Participants in a solidarity stand organized in city of Tartous reaffirmed their commitment to fully exercise the right to elect their choice of president. The stand saw a martyr-honoring ceremony in which a number of martyrs' family members were honored in commemoration of their heroic national services.

A number of martyrs' relatives expressed their optimism about an imminent victory over foreign-backed terrorists. 

Elsewhere in Tartous, similar activities were organized in the Industrial City, al-Mitras town in Safita city, and in Banias.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish National Movement for peaceful change distributed brochures to citizens at the Omayyad square in Damascus, showing the importance of taking part in the presidential elections.

The brochures, which promote the motto of "together towards new Syria", urge the Syrian citizens to cast their votes in the upcoming presidential election.

Secretary General of the Movement Ali Omari said in a statement to SANA that the Movement organized the initiative due to the significance of the upcoming constitutional process in a bid to inflict a blow to anyone that attempts to interfere in Syria's domestic affairs. 

A 'Homeland Tent' was also set up in city of Quneitra, where the participants stressed that Syria is coasting to a decisive victory over terrorism. They said the Syrians are determined to quash terrorism in their country down to the last terrorist, affirming that broad participation in elections will crown the army's successes on the battlefield.

Meanwhile in Sweida, a festival was organized at the Teachers' Syndicate in support of elections and the Syrian army's operations against terrorists.

The participants, who waved national flags and chanted national slogans, said they will head to the ballot boxes on June 3rd to prove that Syria is, and will always remain, unconquerable.

Another rally was held in the village of al-Soura al-Saghira to express support for the presidential poll, further vowing solidarity with the army in defending Syria against foreign-sponsored terrorists.

In Homs countryside, thousands of citizens of al-Dabbousiyeh and neighboring villages also took to the streets to express support for the upcoming presidential election process.


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