Syria forces crush insurgents in Aleppo, Homs, Daraa

Syria forces crush insurgents in Aleppo, Homs, Daraa
Sat May 10, 2014 19:12:15

Syrian military forces have continued pounding insurgent positions and staging areas in Aleppo, Homs, Daraa and Idleb, inflicting heavy losses on forces and war machine of the foreign-backed militants.

During operations throughout Saturday, Syrian army units thwarted another infiltration attempt by the armed insurgents from al-Rashedeen and Bani Zaid area into the already purged districts of Aleppo, killing a large number of the insurgents, Syrian state news agency SANA reported.

Moreover, government troops also eliminated numerous insurgents in the outskirts of Aleppo after targeting their staging areas there.

Quoting a military source, the report further said that army units killed or injured many more insurgent elements after carrying out offensives against their positions in al-Lairamoun, al-Ameriyeh and the villages and towns of al-Jandoul, Handarat, Khan al-Asal, Deir hafer, al-Atareb, Tal Jabin, al-Shiekh Said, and Ain Jara.

In city of Daraa, meanwhile, Syrian army soldiers targeted insurgent staging areas between al-Herak and al-Kark towns, in al-Bajabeja neighborhood, to the north of the old customs headquarters and Busra al-Sham town, destroying a number of their armed vehicles around Jordan Street, Bilal al-Habashi Mosque and Journalists building.

Government troops also killed numerous insurgents near Samlin-Zamrin crossroads and to the northern west of Samiln in Daraa countryside, destroying a number of their motorcycles.

Syrian armed forces further killed and wounded armed insurgents and destroyed their hiding quarters and military equipment in the outskirts of the newly liberated Homs.

According to a military source, an army unit targeted militant staging areas in Kafr Laha, Taldao, Talaf in al-Hula and in Khaleej Kisen in al-Rastan in Homs countryside, inflicting substantial casualties on their fighters.

The source further added that other units of the Syrian army wiped out many more insurgents in the village of Aydoun in al-Rastan countryside and west of Hassya and Tall al-Kanz and Kherbet al-Khabieh in the southern countryside of al-Qssier and destroyed their weaponry.

Also in the outskirts of Idleb, Syrian forces killed and injured a number of armed insurgents and destroyed their military hardware in Bennish, the vicinity of al-Hahmdieh and Khan al-Sobol, north of al-Insha'at. 


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