Israel establishes missile system in Golan to cover for Syria militants

Israel establishes missile system in Golan to cover for Syria militants
Fri May 2, 2014 22:06:59

Israeli military has established a new missile system in the occupied Golan Heights for supporting militant groups in Syria and prevent Syria’s national army from retaking occupied areas.

According to the Israeli Channel 1 television, ‘security sources’ informed of a new missile system named ‘Mitar’, established in Golan for giving backup coverage to anti-Syria militant groups.

The system includes middle-range and long-range missiles, according to the report.

The Arabic language Rai al-Youm wrote the Israeli regime wants to repeat a scenario in Syria borders, like the one in south Lebanon with Antoine Lahad who is seen by many in Lebanon as a traitor who left country’s border to the Israeli regime during Israel invasion of southern Lebanon.

Lahad became head of South Lebanon Army in 1984. He cooperated with Israeli regime for two decades against the resistance movement which battled against Israeli occupation.

The Israel move comes as Syria's foreign backed opposition has been mulling 'selling' Golan Heights to Israel in return for military aid.

Israel has been one of the greatest supporters of the war in Syria and has been making military provocations along Syrian borders, especially in the Golan.

The regime has carried out several direct air strikes in Syria since the war started in 2011 that have left many Syrian soldiers dead.


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