Jordanian forces sent to Bahrain to quell protests: leaked document

Jordanian forces sent to Bahrain to quell protests: leaked document
Thu Apr 3, 2014 18:17:23

An important classified document recently leaked shows that around 500 Jordanian security forces are in Bahrain to help the Al Khalifa regime's crackdown on the prodemocracy demonstrations.

According to the leaked document of the Bahraini Interior Ministry, 499 Jordanians being paid by the regime are participating in deadly crackdown on opposition groups.

The security forces working for the Bahraini Interior Ministry are paid a monthly salary of 3100 dollars on average. The presence of the Jordanian forces costs Bahrain 1.8 million dollars per month.

The leaked document published in a Bahraini website have the signature of Khalid Abdullah, the director of the financial department of Bahrain’s Interior Ministry.

The document revealed some other data on the forces too, including their names and bank account numbers.

However a Bahraini regime spokeswoman also confirmed earlier that the presence of Jordanian security forces in the tiny Persian Gulf state was done in accordance to a security agreement signed between two sides.

The Bahraini regime also uses Saudi and Pakistani forces to crush the opposition.


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