Daughters of Saudi king censure father on video

Mon Mar 31, 2014 15:34:16

Four daughters of Saudi Monarch King Abdullah, who say they live in two mansions in a closed royal compound in the country’s second city Jeddah, have sent a video footage to a media outlet detailing their daily sufferings under virtual house arrest on the orders of their father.

“We have no passports or ID, we are under house arrest, with little food left for ourselves and [our] pets,” Princess Sahar, the eldest daughter said recently in a letter to AFP.

However, they four women, aged between 38 and 42 have prepared a video further describing their debacle under their father and half-brothers, who are considered their legal guardians and exercise total control over their movements and public activities, as allowed by Saudi law.

Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, has denied the allegations, saying the princesses are allowed to freely move about Jeddah, as long as they are accompanied by bodyguards.

The ailing King Abdullah, officially 89 and perhaps older, has fathered at least 38 children from multiple wives.


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