Jordan king slams Israel on deportation plan

Jordan king slams Israel on deportation plan
Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:03:16

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has hit out at Israelis who say that a Palestinian state already exists and that it is located in Jordan, the Arabic language Al-Hayat newspaper reports.

The King told al-Hayat on Saturday that anyone who thinks that Jordan is Palestine is living in an illusion.

"The Israeli extremists are misleading when they say that the Palestinian lands should be emptied and that the Palestinians should be exiled to Jordan," he told the newspaper.

“Over the years, since the signing of the peace treaty with Israel, Jordan has adhered to attitudes and policies that support the Palestinian people and their continued existence in a country of their own,” said King Abdullah.

Members of the Israeli extreme-right are thinking that they could empty the Palestinian territories of their inhabitants and send them all to Jordan.

There have been many calls on Jordan to accept the so-called “Palestinian refugees”, considering that the areas usurped by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War were under Jordanian control.

The Hashemite Kingdom, however, has rejected these calls. Just last month, King Abdullah II told the Jordanian parliament that “Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine and nothing but that, not in the past or the future.”

As peace talks between Israelis and the Palestinian Authority have continued, there has been growing concern in Jordan over US Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposed framework agreement and what will be its effect on Jordan.

Jordan's government is hoping to be spared by a popular uprising by having the repressed "Palestinians" removed and sent to their own lands occupied by Israel, as part of a future deal.

Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Nasser Judeh, recently reiterated that Jordan will not be an "alternative home for anybody."


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