Amman blasts Israel on Jordan Valley annexation

Amman blasts Israel on Jordan Valley annexation
Thu Jan 2, 2014 12:40:13

Jordan’s prime minister has condemned the Israeli regime’s plot to annex Jordan Valley to the occupied lands.

Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour told members of his parliament that an Israeli political proposal to annex the Jordan Valley is a violation of the peace treaty between the two countries, signed in 1994, Yediot Aharonot news website reported on Thursday.

"We categorically reject this.. and will not site idly by," Ensour said.

Meanwhile, al-Hayat has quoted Jordanian officials who expressed concern that any deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority may come at the expense of the Hashemite kingdom.

Israeli regime’s interior minister mulls inaugurating a new neighbourhood in a Jewish settlement in the Jordan Valley.

The future of the Jordan Valley, a largely agricultural area in the West Bank which Israel wants to keep under its military control after any future peace agreement, has emerged as a big irritant in the five-month-old talks.

Israel infuriated the Palestinians on Sunday when a ministerial legislative committee approved a bill to annex the area, where a string of Israeli settlements established after the Six-Day war in 1967 stretches along the Jordanian frontier.

The Israeli regime has defied numerous international demands to stop its expansionist policy in the occupied territories and continued illegal construction of settlements in West Bank and East al-Quds.


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