Maliki sees Saudi, Qatari hands behind global terrorism

Maliki sees Saudi, Qatari hands behind global terrorism
Sun Mar 9, 2014 09:31:30

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar of supporting global terrorism and seeking to destabilize Iraq.

“I accuse them of inciting and encouraging the terrorist movements. I accuse them of supporting them politically and in the media, of supporting them with money and by buying weapons for them,” Maliki told FRANCE 24’s Marc Perelman in an exclusive interview. “I accuse them of leading an open war against the Iraqi government.”

Maliki went on to say that not only did Saudi Arabia support terrorism in countries such as Iraq and Syria, but around the world.

The prime minister said, however, that Iraq did not intend to retaliate against Saudi Arabia and Qatar, citing concern over the region’s stability.

“We don’t wish to widen the arena of confrontation,” Maliki said. “But, we’re telling those countries, be aware, be careful, because the support of terrorism will turn against you.”

Maliki also discussed Iraq’s security situation during the interview, as well as the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections in April and the impact of neighboring Syria’s nearly three-year crisis.

At least 13 people, including a parliamentary candidate and four children, were killed in bombings and shootings in Iraq, officers and medical sources said on Saturday.

Violence has killed at least 110 people so far this month, and more than 1,800 since the beginning of the year, according to the figures based on security and medical sources.

Iraqi people, however, blame the US for the eruption of unrest and violence in their country, because the terrorist crimes have flared up in Iraq after the US-led invasion of the Arab nation since 2003.

Political analysts believe that the Shia-led Iraqi government is under attack because the Saudi kingdom expected to see a Sunni administration in Iraq after the fall of last dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003, but after 2005 general election the majority Shias elected a Shia-led government which annoyed Al Saud.


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