Female bombers sent to Lebanon from Syria: Report

Female bombers sent to Lebanon from Syria: Report
Sun Mar 2, 2014 16:48:36

A group of female militants have entered Lebanon from Syria’s border town of Yabroud, tasked with carrying out terrorist attacks inside Lebanon, security sources have said.

According to Lebanese al-Safir daily, detained militants from a dissolved armed group involved with radical Abdullah Azzam Brigades have revealed information about entrance of female bombers to Lebanon’s soil.

The interrogated militants are from a small armed group which was led by Siraj al-Din Dorighat, a militant loyal to al-Azzam Brigades.

The report cited anonymous security sources as saying that they have four people under arrest from Dorighat’s group, among which three are Palestinian and one is Lebanese.

The sources said the detainees gave information about four women who entered Lebanon’s northern Beqaa Valley from Syria, with Dorighat’s support.

The women were given explosive vests to use in specified religious centers in Lebanon, according to the confessions.

The report says the army is already looking for the suspects.

Lebanon has been hit repeatedly over the past few months by terrorist attacks, mainly targeting the capital, Beirut, and the Hezbollah stronghold town of Hermel, in Bekaa Valley.

Azzam brigades is a radical militant group with links to al-Qaeda which has been involved in several recent bombing attacks.

The group claimed responsibility for a deadly terrorist attack on Iran embassy in Beirut, in November 2013, which left 25 people dead.


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