Egypt's entire cabinet resigns :PM statement

Egypt's entire cabinet resigns :PM statement
Mon Feb 24, 2014 14:08:34

Egyptian Prime minister Hazem Al Beblawi has announced resignation and dissolved his government, in a move just weeks before a presidential poll.

Belbawi said in a televised statement on Monday that, "Today the cabinet took a decision to offer its resignation to the president of the republic".

Beblawi's government was appointed in July after defense minister and army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted president Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first elected and civilian president.

"The cabinet decided in light of the current situation that the country is going through... to submit its resignation to Adly Mansour, the interim president," the cabinet said in a statement.

"For the past six to seven months, the government assumed its responsibilities and duties... the government did not spare any efforts to get Egypt out of a bad phase," Beblawi said in reference to security and economic issues.

"This is not the time for personal interests. The nation is above everybody."

Beblawi said the government had also completed the first step in a road map outlined by the military-installed authorities, of holding a referendum on a new constitution in January.


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