Egypt declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

Egypt declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group
Wed Dec 25, 2013 21:19:39

Egypt's military-installed government has declared the Muslim Brotherhood of ousted president Mohamed Morsi a "terrorist" group, banning all its activities, including demonstrations, ministers say.

Deputy prime minister Hossam Eissa said on Wednesday that the movement has been declared a "terrorist" group and social solidarity minister Ahmed al-Borei said the government would ban all its activities, including "protests," AFP reported.

The decision is likely to accelerate a crackdown on the movement that has killed more than 1,000 people, mostly Islamists, in street clashes and imprisoned thousands since Morsi's overthrow by the military in July.

It comes a day after a suicide car bombing of a police station killed 15 people, in an attack condemned by the Brotherhood and claimed by an al-Qaeda-inspired group based in the restive Sinai Peninsula.

Morsi's supporters, who continue to organize near-daily demonstrations demanding his reinstatement, insist they are committed to peaceful protest.

Eissa said the government decided to "punish according to the law whoever belongs to this group or remains its member" after the decision was adopted.

Egypt will notify Arab countries who signed a 1998 anti-terrorism treaty of the decision, he added.


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