Syria - Lest we forget, al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA

Syria - Lest we forget, al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA
Tue Dec 17, 2013 15:14:10

As Western media continue to relentlessly portray the Syrian regime as illegitimate and not of the people, hoping to drum up international and regional support while Takfiri militias massacre their way through local civilian populations, spinning lies after lies to shield the public from the bitter truth, too often have the people fallen into the pit of misinformation and propaganda.

In a world such as ours, where realities have been altered to fit the world’s agendas, and evil has been disguised as truth, one needs to keep one’s feet firmly on the ground and remember that whenever Western powers speak of truth, more often than not, they are indeed professing deceit and spreading preposterous lies.

For one, Syria’ so-called 2011 revolution never actually was. While civilians might have at first expressed some desires to see implemented reforms in Syria, motivated by a need to see things evolve, it was foreign powers that sought to use the Islamic Awakening to covertly design Syria’s invasion. Just as US President George W. Bush openly lied to the UN Security Council in 2003 by claiming that then President of Iraq Saddam Hussein had amassed weapons of mass destruction -WMDs - to justify his military operation and subsequent invasion of Iraq, the US and its allies have tried to portray President Assad as a vengeful, bloodthirsty tyrant who needs to be deposed.

And if many remain too blind to the truth to realize that those who cloak themselves with righteousness are the very people we should be running from and distrust, many, especially in the Middle East, have come to their senses.

From the outset, the West and its regional allies, namely Israel and Saudi Arabia, have worked together to destabilize Syria as a nation state, toward two goals: destroying the region’s last military super-power and igniting sectarian tensions between Sunni and Shia Islam.

Playing to the old saying, “A house divided cannot stand,” this league of not-so-extraordinary gentlemen have plotted the region’s demise to assert the rise of Israel and ensure that its will would suffer no opposition in the Levant, the greater region and ultimately the world.

Western nations’ weapon of choice - Al-Qaeda

As per written by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, the founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal and the editor of the website, in his latest analysis, “The US, NATO, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have channeled most of their support to the al-Qaeda brigades, which are also integrated by Western Special Forces. British and French Special Forces have been actively training opposition rebels from a base in Turkey. Israel has provided a safe haven to al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels in the occupied Golan Heights. Western Special Forces have been training the rebels in the use of chemical weapons in Jordan.”

The West can claim deniability all it wants but the truth remains; al-Qaeda is a fabrication. It was the CIA that thought of enlisting Mujahedeen in Afghanistan to repel the Soviets and thus create a buffer against Moscow’s ever growing influence in the region back in the late 1980s.

Today, history repeats itself. NATO and the [P]GCC have been involved in recruiting, training and arming wannabe Jihadists; brainwashed Salafi militants, whose religious compass has been twisted so far beyond recognition that it has become difficult to label them as Muslims.

It is such militias that have rained down terror on Syria; it is those Barbarians that the Syrian Armed Forces have had to oppose day in and day out for the past two years; and yet it is those who have opposed evil who have been called monsters.

Sources in Turkey have confirmed that Ankara has enlisted thousands of fighters to the Salafi cause, regardless of the danger such militias represent to the region and to Islam. Blinded by their desire to annihilate President al-Assad and the Syria he ultimately stands for - one free from Western influence and defiant to Israel - those Zionist sold-outs have unleashed their hell-hounds on the land of Shaam.

Professor Chossudovsky wrote, “The al-Qaeda fighters integrated by mercenaries, trained in Saudi Arabia and Qatar constitute the mainstay of so-called opposition forces, which have been involved in countless atrocities and terrorist acts directed against the civilian population from the outset in March 2011.”

The plot runs deeper

So far, the public has been sold the idea that Takfiri militias are but an isolated phenomena, a necessary evil for the implementation of a greater good. This is the lie those New World Order fanatics would have you believe. Takfiris militants are the majority. Their numbers are many and their evil knows no bound. Murderers, rapists, thieves, those men have been responsible for the very horrors the media have tried to pin down on the regime. It is they who have bled Syria’s from its children, men and women; it is they millions of refugees have desperately to escape from, not President Assad and his regime; not the armed forces that have acted as the last defence against heresy and pandemonium.

Moreover, this fantasy Western powers have been keen to entertain the lies they have worked so hard to sell you; that their support only goes to those moderate elements within the opposition are again blatant falsities; fabrications aimed to reassure an already gullible public. There is no moderate opposition, only the Takfiris. And yes, the West has been directly channeling its aids to al-Qaeda leaders, the men they have allegedly been fighting across the Islamic World, the very men they have set out to pursue on the wake of 9/11.

As per claimed by Global Research Canada, “The FSA and its Supreme Military Command essentially serve as a front organization. The SMC under the helm of General Salim Idriss has largely been used to channel support to the terrorists.
In recent developments, fighting has broken out between the al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels covertly supported by the West and the more moderate FSA brigades, officially supported by the West.”

Eager to distance itself from the recent bloodshed, Washington’s new tactic is to portray the new Islamic Front as a moderate faction it will be able to publicly support, while denying any links to Salafi hardliners, the deep-state of Islamic fanaticism.

“With the FSA Supreme Military Command in disarray, Washington’s objective is to provide a semblance of legitimacy to the insurrection largely integrated by the Western military alliance’s Al Qaeda foot soldiers,” wrote Chossudovsky.

But truth is undeniable, and history will remember. As the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) once said, “Fear the prayer of the oppressed.”

By Catherine Shakdam

Source: Press TV

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