Syrian blows his family up to save honor

Syrian blows his family up to save honor
Sat Dec 14, 2013 23:11:19

A Syrian engineer has blown himself and his family members up in a valiant effort to preserve the honor of his family in face of an intrusion into his home by vioilent foreign-backed terrorists.

Nazar Hassan, an engineer from the Syrian city of Adra, decided to detonate four grenades in case terrorists gained access to his home.

Terrorists broke into the house and found Hassan and his wife along with their four children.

That is when Hassan decided to blow up himself along with his wife and children in an apparent bid to preserve the honor of his family, while also killing eight Takfiri terrorists in the process.

After storming the Adra city, militants from the terrorist Jaysh al-Islam group and al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front kicked down doors, broke into private homes, shooting indiscriminately at men, women and kids.

Takfiri terrorists also abducted an unknown number of citizens and executed many in their homes.


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