Syria urges UN to hold accountable states supporting terrorists

Syria urges UN to hold accountable states supporting terrorists
Fri Nov 15, 2013 14:22:42

Syria’s Foreign Ministry has called on the United Nations to hold accountable those states supporting terrorists who targeting civilians in the country.

In two identical letters to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and President of the UN Security Council Liu Jieyi on Friday, Damascus elaborated the terrorist mortar attacks targeting the Syrian cities and civilians especially children.

''The random mortars launched at the Syrian cities have become one of the preferred methods for the terrorist groups to kill innocent Syrian civilians, especially in Damascus city which proved unreachable for the terrorist groups, that's why they are showering Damascus and its countryside, especially Jaramana city, with scores of mortar rounds to spread panic and kill as many citizens as possible,'' the ministry said in its letters.

Children and their schools are the main targets of the terrorists fighting against the Syrian government, the letters read.

"The Syrian Arab Republic would like to put you in the picture of the crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups against children,'' the letters said.

The Ministry of Education had to suspend teaching for days in schools following rockets attacks in several areas of the capital, Damascus.

Listing a number of attacks against civilian target in the country in recent weeks, the letter said that ''in all these instances, the surviving children have suffered severe psychological traumas as they saw their schools sabotaged and their fellow students blood-stained; scenes that will leave their mark on them in the future.''

The letters also enumerated methods practiced by the terrorist groups that are intended to stop the educational process in Syria, including planting explosive devices in schools and replacing the Syrian curricula with a form of education that had prevailed before the emergence of the modern educational system, teaching distorted al-Qaeda-type religious studies.

The ministry also drew attention to the terrorist groups preventing the vaccination campaigns in the areas under their control, with the result of polio rearing its head again in eastern city of Deir Ezzor after Syria has succeeded in conquering it 20 years ago.

The letters urged the international community to not allow the thwarting of the UNSC efforts for issuing a clear condemnation of terrorist groups and the countries backing them especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and take the necessary measures to dry out the sources of terrorism.

Syria has been gripped by foreign-hatched deadly unrest since March 2011. A very large number of the militants operating inside Syria are reportedly foreign nationals. The unrest has left over 100 thousand people dead.


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