Syria army retakes Talfita from al-Nusra terrorists

Syria army retakes Talfita from al-Nusra terrorists
Mon Oct 14, 2013 19:11:36

Syrian troops have regained full control over Talfita town and its suburbs near the al-Qalamoun region on the outskirts of Damascus, Al-Alam correspondent reports.

Syrian army troops stormed the rebel-held town of Talfita on Monday and after fierce fighting with al-Nusra terrorists, killed dozens of terrorists and regained the control of the town, Al-Alam reported.

After the victory, the residents of the area gave Syrian soldiers a very warm welcome.

Syrian army sources pointed out the widespread presence of armed terrorists in the area and the nearby villages, had stressed to continue the mopping-up operations in the region.

“We are here to establish security and stability with the help of locals and national defense groups,” a Syrian army soldier told Al-Alam correspondent.

Another Syrian soldier said “Talfita region has completely been secured; dozens of armed terrorists have been gun down and the rest fled to the mountains.”

Fighting in the al-Qalamoun region is of grave importance for both sides of the conflict as the region is located on the Syria-Lebanon mountainous border area.


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