Four killed in gunfight in Lebanese city of Baalbek

Four killed in gunfight in Lebanese city of Baalbek
Sat Sep 28, 2013 22:25:50

At least four people have been killed and dozens of others wounded as armed men stormed a security checkpoint in the Lebanese city of Baalbek.

The violence erupted on Saturday when a group of gunmen opened fire on a checkpoint manned by Hezbollah in Lebanon’s eastern city of Baalbek which is located in the eastern Bekaa Valley close to Syria’s volatile Homs province.

“An army unit swiftly deployed in the area and raided suspicious locations” in search of the assailants, the Lebanese army said in a statement.

Despite the army presence, there were reports of intermittent gunfire throughout the day.

Gunmen and members of the Shiyyah family were believed to be involved in the fighting, the security sources said.

The army did not mention the identities of those killed. But according to reports, two members of Hezbollah resistance movement were among those killed.

Unknown arsonists also set five shops ablaze.

The Lebanese army announced that an investigation has been launched into the incident by military police.


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