Iran-P5 +1 talks ‘very good and substantive’: Zarif

Fri Sep 27, 2013 13:21:51

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has described "very good" his talks with top diplomats from P5+1 on Iran's nuclear program, saying “now we have to match our words with action.”

Zarif also emerged "optimistic" from his talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry that followed the meeting between Iran and major powers about Tehran's nuclear program.

“I had a good meeting with P3 + 3 or as its known here P5 +1, very good and substantive meeting,” Zarif told an audience at the Asia Council on Foreign Relations on Thursday.    

“We agreed to jump start the process so that we could move forward with a view to agreeing first on the parameters of the end game. How we want to perceive Iran's nuclear program in a year's time. And also to think about steps starting with a first step that should be implemented in order to address the immediate concerns of two sides. And move towards finalizing it hopefully, within a year's time.”

“I thought I was a too ambitious bordering naiveté, but I saw that some of my colleagues were even more ambitious and wanted to do it faster.”

Zarif's tone was upbeat as he told audience members that he hoped both nations would seize the opportunity “to build confidence and move forward turning challenges into possibilities.”
The highest-level talks on Iran's nuclear program for at least six years were held at the United Nations in New York on Thursday.

US Secretary of State John Kerry also met the Iranian foreign minister.

Diplomats from the P5+1 group - China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany - were also present at the talks.

They agreed to hold substantive talks on the issue in the Swiss city of Geneva, beginning on 15 October.


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