‘Resolving nuclear row, key for understandings’

‘Resolving nuclear row, key for understandings’
Thu Sep 26, 2013 13:43:03

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said settlement of Iranian nuclear issue could pave the way for more understandings with the US on other topics.

In an interview with PBS TV network late on Wednesday, Rouhani said that Tehran is after a solution to simultaneously safeguard rights of the Iranian nation and remove any probable logical concerns.

Stressing that the Iranian peaceful nuclear program is under direct supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he noted that the IAEA inspectors constantly monitor Iran’s nuclear activities and its surveillance cameras are installed all over Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Noting that the nuclear issue is now a matter of national pride and honor for the Iranian nation, Rouhani said that Iran is seeking nothing but to safeguard its lawful rights of pursuance of peaceful nuclear technology.

Turning to US-led sanctions, he said they are illegal and non-humanitarian, stressing that they would certainly solve no problems.

“In principle, we regard the sanctions as illegal and inhumane because the sanctions are exerting pressure on the [Iranian] people and the sick and have a negative impact on the lives of children.”

Asked to comment on the obstacles in resumption of talks between Tehran and Washington, he pointed out that the two governments have had no political ties for about 35 years and it is natural for both to seek some sort of prelude.

He said that Iranian and US officials can sit at negotiation table only when necessary preparations are made.

However, Rouhani added that the important issue right now is not only about talks but it is concerning about the fact that both sides be able to reach some sort of agreements during their first meeting.

Answering a question on Iran’s support for Syria, Rouhani referred to the solid and deep relations existing between the two nations especially since the Iraqi-imposed war against Iran, noting that Syria, though an Arab country itself, stood with Iran all those years.

He said all should try to get the Syrian nation out of the crisis.


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