Syria opposition group hails Iran mediation offer

Syria opposition group hails Iran mediation offer
Mon Sep 23, 2013 20:49:13

Syrian-based opposition groups have warmly welcomed Tehran’s new blueprint to end the crisis in Syria, saying that the plan paves the way for holding Geneva II conference.

The Local Coordination Committee for Syria (LCCS) has pointed to the “conciliatory” role of the Islamic Republic in ending Syria crisis.

LCCS’s warm welcome to break the deadlock comes as fighting between warring parties is escalating. Therefore, the proposal set forth by Tehran was highly embraced.

“We greet the offer, since Iran’s plan prepares the ground for Geneva II,” Safwan Akkash, member of the executive office of the LCCS told Al-alam TV news channel on Sunday. “We are after forming a government with full authority,” he said.

“During the transition period, it is essential to grant authority to transitional government,” he said.

Various groups and political movements reviewed Tehran’s plans in a joint meeting to put an end into Syrian imbroglio.

Analysts believe that under serious efforts adopted by the Islamic Republic, Tehran is stripping the US and its allies off the Syrian dossier and under such condition, a new world mechanism is under process where the US domineering role is dying out.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani earlier said that the Islamic Republic is prepared to go-between Syrian government and opposition groups to facilitate dialogue between the two opposing sides.



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