Syria threatens US, allies on attack

Syria threatens US, allies on attack
Sat Aug 31, 2013 16:28:31

Syria has ruled out US-fabricated allegations on the use of chemical weapons, warning Washington and its allies of the consequences of any attack.

Syria's ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdel-Karim, told al-Manar TV channel on Friday that "Damascus will respond to any attack against Syria, no matter what its type and magnitude are."

The Syrian ambassador added that "Israel is right to be worried. A limited attack against Syria doesn't change the power balance in the area and will have a negative influence on the US and its allies."

The Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi also responded to the American report revealed by  Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus about a week and a half ago.

"The Syrian government did not use chemical weapons anywhere. This is just an excuse and any other excuse could have been made to attack Syria. The Syrian leadership is content and isn't worried," he said.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that US Secretary of State John Kerry's charges are a "desperate attempt" to justify a military strike against Syria, describing them "lies and baseless."

"What Kerry presented is based on old versions released by the terrorists over a week ago," the official said.

The US and its allies has accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against its own people near the capital, Damascus but Syria has vehemently ruled out any involvement in the false flag operation by the foreign-backed militants fighting against the Syrian army


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