Israel deploys Iron Dome system in Sharon

Israel deploys Iron Dome system in Sharon
Wed Aug 21, 2013 18:41:32

The Israeli regime has stationed an Iron Dome system in the center of the occupied lands of Palestine.

The Israeli army deployed the Iron Dome anti-missile battery in the central region of Sharon, local media reported Wednesday.

The regime claimed the system could intercept rockets launched towards Israel, and was widely used during the November 2012 attack on Gaza Strip.

The deployment is part of a larger operation to activate a newly installed protection system, military sources explained.

Earlier this month, an Iron Dome battery intercepted a rocket fired by militants in Sinai at the Red Sea city of Eilat.

Interceptors fired by the battery blew up the incoming rocket over Eilat's skies shortly before 1 a.m. on August 13.

It was the first time Iron Dome went into action over Eilat.

The regime mobilized a battery to Eilat in July following increased militant activities in the Sinai Peninsula.

In June, Israel stationed an Iron Dome battery in the Haifa region, amid reports of increased regional tensions with Syria.

The Israeli military has also deployed Iron Dome missile system in several areas along Egypt’s border.


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