Poverty in oil-rich Saudi Kingdom on rise

Poverty in oil-rich Saudi Kingdom on rise
Mon Aug 5, 2013 18:39:32

Statistics show that about 40 percent of the Saudi Arabian people live below poverty line while the countrys oil revenue is estimated to reach $300 billion per annum, according to experts.

“People’s earning is inadequate and they are unable to supply their daily needs including food stuff”, Ali Alyami, director for Democracy and Human Rights Organization of Saudi Kingdom told Al-Alam news channel on Monday.

Official figures show that the annual per capita in the Kingdom slipped to $10,000 US from the previous $20,000 US in 1980 and the inflation rate is skyrocketing, the rights activist said.

He blamed widespread financial corruption and the impunity of the ruling family as the main cause behind the economic downturn in the monarchy.

“Any criticism against economic woes would not be tolerated and those who file complaints against the situation will be blamed for stirring the stability and labeled as ‘mercenary of the enemies’,” he said.

Saudi Arabia is home to some 14 million populations but the lack of fair distribution system of welfare has left many Saudis in poverty.

Saudi Arabia has been the scene of riots and anti-government demonstrations mainly in al-Qatar region in Eastern Province over the past three years due to unjust ruling system and widespread suppression of Shiite minority.

More than 10 million of Saudi nationals earn lesser than their basic needs and routine expenditures.


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