US hacks Bolivian officials’ emails: Morales

US hacks Bolivian officials’ emails: Morales
Sun Jul 14, 2013 09:53:21

Bolivia's President Evo Morales says US intelligence services have hacked into the email accounts of top Bolivian officials.

"US intelligence agents have accessed the emails of our most senior authorities in Bolivia,” Morales said in a speech on Saturday. “It was recommended to me that I should not use email, and I've followed suit and shut it down," he added.

Morales fears that Washington would use the information obtained from the emails to plan a possible “invasion” of his country in the future.

Last week, several European countries denied a flight carrying President Morales entry to their airspace over alleged suspicion that American whistle blower Edward Snowden was on board the plane.

The aircraft which was flying back home from a Moscow summit was forced to land in Austria and was searched by European authorities.

Snowden, wanted in the US for espionage charges, has been stranded in a transit area at a Moscow airport because his passport has been revoked by the US government. The former National Security Agency contractor had planned to travel via Russia to Latin America, where several counties have offered him asylum.

Bolivia is the second Latin American nation having criticized US spying operations in less than a week.

Earlier last week, Argentina accused Washington of spying on more than a hundred Argentinean officials. Foreign Minister Hector Timerman told the Mercosur regional summit in Montevideo that the officials were under electronic surveillance.

Following the revelations by Snowden, Latin American leaders lashed out at the US for its massive espionage operations.

Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Nicaragua have publicly vowed to grant Snowden asylum, defying Washington’s extradition request.

Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald has said Snowden still has sensitive information that could become the United States' "worst nightmare" if revealed.



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