Al-Alam resumed broadcasting on Nilesat

Al-Alam resumed broadcasting on Nilesat
Wed Jul 10, 2013 20:11:32

Al-Alam News Channel has resumed broadcasting with a new frequency on Nilesat.

Viewers can watch the Arabic channel’s programs through the WNN channel over Eutelsat 7.

In their campaign against alternative voices and freedom of speech, a number of Western satellite firms pulled the plug on several Iranian television channels.

On July 1st, the Intelsat became the latest service provider to take Iranian channels including al-Alam off the air. Eutelsat 8 and Galaxy 19, as well as HotBird 13B have also stopped broadcasting al-Alam.

WNN channel can be reached on Eutelsat 7:
Frequency: 11680 MHz
Polarization: H (horizontal)
Symbol rate: 27500 Msym
FEC: 3/4

Al-Alam viewers can also continue to watch the Arabic news channel live on its website and on some Internet platforms including Youtube, Dailymotion, and other social networking websites.



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