Egyptian figures slam West’s ban on Al Alam

Sun Jul 7, 2013 14:38:21

The recent Western move to pull the plug on Iran’s satellite television channels including the alternative Arabic news network, Al Alam has drawn fire from several Egyptian figures.

Mahmoud Hamed, Egyptian author and political analyst, said Sunday that taking Al Alam from the airwaves is against human rights of which the Westerners in particular the Europeans claim advocacy.

He said removing a television station from a satellite platform must be based on legal grounds and not just done arbitrarily.

The Egyptian analyst added that the West does not tolerate anything that deviates from the policies.

Nabil Atris, a leader of the al-Tajammo’ party, said putting a stop to a television network’s activities shows these powers are afraid Al Alam’s voice might be heard around the world.

Adil al Liqa, head of Egypt’s Arabic Socialist party, said Al Alam has sought to disseminate information and inform nations of the current state of affairs around the world. He noted that some countries that are in possession of satellites find this unpalatable.

Recently, a number of Western satellite firms pulled the plug on several Iranian television channels.

The Intel Sat Company, Eutelsat 8 and Galaxy 19 as well as HotBird 13B stopped broadcasting Al Alam.

Meanwhile, satellite companies Hotbird 13-B, Eutelsat 25-C, Eutelsat 21-B, Eutelsat 8-West-A, Intelsat 20, Galaxy 19, and Optus D-2 also removed the Islamic Republic of Iran’s English news channel Press TV.

Iran’s Spanish-language channel Hispan TV was also removed from satellites Eutelsat 8-West-A, Eutelsat 7-West-A, and Intelsat 21.

Al-Alam Network and other Iranian channels have come under an unprecedented wave of attacks by European governments and satellite companies since January 2012.

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