Egypt’s Mansour sworn in as interim president

Egypt’s Mansour sworn in as interim president
Thu Jul 4, 2013 14:07:49

Adly Mansour, the chief of Egypt's highest court, has sworn in as interim president of Egypt.

He took the oath before the Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo on July 4.

Mansour became head of state under an army transition plan.

Mansour before assuming his new post as the head of the Egyptian Constitutional Court, has got a new job as interim president of Egypt.

Mansour, born in 1945, was appointed deputy head of the constitutional court in 1992 and remained in his post until he was chosen by the court assembly as new Constitutional Court head last May.

However following the new interim president oath, ousted Morsi and several leaders of his Muslim Brotherhood movement were being held at various locations by security services, after the leader defied calls to resign but was ultimately unable to forestall an ultimatum from the generals to cede power.

Thursday's newspapers greeted Mursi's overthrow as a triumph for Egyptians, even though the Brotherhood won several elections last year.

Army intervention was backed by millions of Egyptians, including liberal leaders and religious figures who expect new elections under a revised set of rules.

But as calm returned to the streets of Cairo and other cities, Morsi's supporters feared a clampdown that revived memories of their sufferings under the old, military-backed regime.

At least 14 people were killed and hundreds wounded in street clashes. Television stations sympathetic to Morsi were taken off air.

A technocratic interim government was formed, along with a panel for national reconciliation, and the constitution will be reviewed.

As yet there is no timetable for new elections. Liberal chief negotiator Mohamed ElBaradei, a former UN nuclear agency chief, said the plan would "continue the revolution" of 2011.

Many hope they can have more electoral success than last year, when the Brotherhood's organization dominated the vote.

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