Egypt police say will back Morsi opponents

Egypt police say will back Morsi opponents
Sun Jun 30, 2013 20:54:18

As political sabre-rattling between opponents and supporters of the embattled Egyptian president run high in Tahrir Square, Egyptian police send a new message which is likely to send shiver down the spine of the fledgling Egyptian government.

The security forces which once threw their support behind the former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak to block the downfall of the former regime, are now dragging their feet to back President Mohammed Morsi as his opponents head into Cairo’s “Freedom Square”.

Egyptian police association which is said to represent Egypt’s police forces said posted a message on its Facebook page on Saturday apparently expressing support for anti-Morsi demonstrators.

“Police of Egypt, deal swiftly and firmly with any assaults against the Egyptian people in the anticipated political movements of June 30,” the statement read, according to New York Times. To the protesters, it added: “You are of us as we are of you.”

Earlier this month, a spokesman for the association sent a tougher message to Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

“We will not provide protection for any party or political headquarters,” a spokesman for the association said in a press conference.

Christian and Muslim leaders earlier called on the opposite sides to maintain peace and refrain from standoff.

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