Press TV reporter attacked in Tunisia

Press TV reporter attacked in Tunisia
Thu Jun 27, 2013 15:09:38

Extremists have attacked Iranian Press TV’s reporter in Tunisia, beating him up and breaking his camera, al-Alam reports.

According to al-Alam, the followers of “Association of Revolution Supporters” attacked the reporter on Thursday.

The group, which was behind the similar attacks in the past, has supported several violent protests throughout the North African country.

Members of the group have close relations with to the Ennahda Movement, the biggest and most well-organized party in Tunisia.

Opposition groups accuse the government of supporting the association, considering it as “armed wing” of the ruling party.

They also have called for legal action against the extremist group due to its acts of violence against people in the country.

The government rejects its ties with the group, but it has declined to react against its violent attacks so far.

Some sources say the ruling Ennahda Movement is formed based on the ideology of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood party, but the party keeps silence in this regard.