Ex-Advisor: Egypt, Israel sign no arms deal

Ex-Advisor: Egypt, Israel sign no arms deal
Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:00:34

Egypt’s ex-defense ministry advisor has ruled out Israeli regime’s daily claims on the shipment of Israeli arms to Egypt.

“Ties between the two sides have not gone beyond the peace deal [Camp David Accords],” General Nabil Fouad, Egypt’s former deputy defense minister told Iran’s Fars News Agency (FNA).

Fouad rejected Israeli daily Haaretz article claiming that the Zionist regime had supplied state-of-the art military hardware to Egypt, calling the report as “rumors.”

“The allegations only serves media,” the former military advisor stressed.

According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the Zionist regime had supplied advanced warfare to some countries over the past five years, including Egypt.

“There is no military cooperation, joint military training project, exchanging military experts or the departure of Egyptian mission to Israel at all,” Fouad said.

The Israeli paper broke the news on the shipment of modern weapons to Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Pakistan in recent years. 

Israel and Egypt signed the controversial Israeli-Egypt Camp David Peace Accords on September 17, 1978.

Former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat who clinched the deal with the then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and US President Jimmy Carter in Camp David, the United States, was shot dead during a military parade on October 6, 1981 by an army officer in Cairo.

The peace treaty which angered many Muslims at the time had plummeted ties between Amman and the Arab states into a tailspin.

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