'Tunisian girls go to Syria for Jihad al-Nikah'

Thu May 30, 2013 19:45:21

The insurgency in Syria, which is revealing horrifying aspects from shooting and killing women and children to the cannibal act of eating organs of a Syrian soldier by terrorists, has now turned to a serious concern for families whose daughters are being tricked into offering sex to terrorists under pretext of “a holy act.”

A Tunisian girl tells her story of being deceived to go to Syria under the name of Jihad al-Nikah (pleasure marriage) to marry the terrorists in a bid help them better fight against the Syrian government forces.

Twenty-year old Ayesha says she knows a woman deceiving university student girls for Jihad al-Nikah in Syria and “getting martyred to hold up Islam’s flag.”

Ayesha was among a group of 14 girls who had been deceived to get married as Jihad al-Nikah in Syria.  

But, Ayesha’s father found out about her intention and convinced her not to go Syria by asking all their relatives to make her understand about Islam’s strong opposition to such moves.

According to media reports around 3000 Tunisians have been fighting in Syria, a significant number of them have been killed.

Other reports showed that there are organized networks recruiting Tunisian youths for fighting in Syria after going there through Turkey.

In addition, some reports say that certain Tunisian NGOs might be involved in these activities.

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