Iraq launches operation near Syria, Jordan border

Iraq launches operation near Syria, Jordan border
Mon May 27, 2013 17:37:04

Iraqi security forces have launched a massive mop-up operation along the Syria and Jordan border areas, clearing the al-Qaida affiliated groups of the area.

According to Iraqi security officials, a great deal of Turkish-made military equipment as well as ammunition have been already seized in this operation, Al-Alam reported on Monday.


The operation comes in an attempt to sever contact between al-Qaeda in Iraq and al-Nusra Front terrorist group in Syria.


The campaign also occurred at a time when Iraqi forces stationed at the border have been increasingly targeted by sniper fire from al-Nusra Front militants, who are active in Syria.

During the operation, at least 32 militants were killed and 51 others including 7 women were arrested.

Security forces also seized short range rockets, mortar rounds, launch pads for locally manufactured rockets, explosive charges and 29 communication devices the men were using to contact terrorists active inside Syria.


The campaign was a joint effort with land and air troops, border guards and local police in Anbar province.

The Iraqi forces are using advanced military techniques and high-level intelligence to conduct border surveillance and prevent gunmen from infiltrating from Iraq into Syria and vice versa.

Security has been enhanced along the border in recent weeks -- the number of watchtowers has been increased, and reinforcements have been deployed.