Anti-Qatar protests in Tunisia and Libya

Anti-Qatar protests in Tunisia and Libya
Sun May 12, 2013 09:40:00

Angry Tunisian and Libyan protesters burn the Qatari flag in two simultaneous demonstrations to condemn Doha’s siding with Israeli regime and its interferences in Arab countries’ affairs.

Tunisian protesters burned the Qatari flag in Gafsa during a demonstration organized by various political forces and civil society organizations to condemn the "Zionist attack on Syria" and show solidarity with the Syrian people.

Furious about the persistent interference of Qatar in Arab countries’ affairs, the protesters condemned Doha’s foreign policy and accused its Emir of supporting certain parties to serve his country’s agenda, as part of a conspiratorial scheme for the benefit of Israel and the international imperialist powers.

Tunisian protesters said that their country was renowned for its civilization and high position on the world compared to the small Persian Gulf state, which claims defending of freedom and democracy, while repressing its people, and silences all dissident voices, even those of poets.

Benghazi was another scene for anti-Qatar protesters which also burned flags and an effigy of Qatar’s ruler Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani for its interferences in Libya’s affairs.

An estimated 500 protestors gathered outside the city’s Tibesti hotel to voice their anger against Qatar, their opposition to militiamen who had been besieging the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice in Tripoli, and their support for the government of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and the General National Congress.

They said Qatar was supporting Salafists in Libya and called on the authorities to ban selling lands to Qatari citizens.

Few weeks ago, Egyptian protesters also came to the streets, furious about Qatar’s foreign policy, and burned the Qatari flag in front of its embassy in Mustafa Mahmoud Square, chanting "Down with the rule of the guide".

Protesters from different opposition parties and revolution groups shouted slogans to express their outrage about the Qatari government and the Israel’s meddling in Egypt's internal affairs calling the Emir of Qatar an element of the US.

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