Extremist Jews call for storming Al-Aqsa Mosque

Extremist Jews call for storming Al-Aqsa Mosque
Mon May 6, 2013 21:03:29

Extremist Jewish groups have called on other extremist Jewish settlers to gather around al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday to invade the holy site.

In a statement released on Monday, hundreds of Zionist extremist settlers urged other Jews to invade the yards of al-Aqsa Mosque from all around gates, Al-Alam reported.

However the Palestinians warned of provoking the feeling of Muslims and of the implications of such acts, highlighting at the same time that Al-Aqsa Mosque belongs to Muslims and nobody has the right to share it with them.

To confront such threats, the Palestinian groups also called on all the Palestinian settlers to gather around al-Aqsa mosque to defy such sacrilegious act of Zionist extremists.


“The extremist Jews are seeking to play the same scenario that was happened in Ibrahim al Khalil holy shrine. We urged all Palestinians to oppose such provocative act through their presence around al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday,”Khaled al-Hasani, the head of Palestinian Battalions Committee, told Al-Alam.


Sheikh Akram Sabri, the Palestinian Authority-appointed mufti, also strongly denounced these challenging acts which reach its peak during Jewish festivals, accusing the Zionist regime forces of triggering the situation through deliberately allowing the extremist Jews to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque under their protection. 

He said Israel is exploiting the ignorance of Arab World to such important event to pave the ground to further judization.