Egypt Sheikh slams Qaradawi for praising US

Egypt Sheikh slams Qaradawi for praising US
Sat May 4, 2013 22:53:28

Sheikh Hafiz Salama, the leader of the popular resistance in the Egyptian city of Suez, rapped the Qatari Mufti Yusuf al-Qaradawi for praising the U.S. over its aid to armed militants in Syria.

“Isn’t the U.S. the very one who occupied Iraq and Afghanistan and imprisoned Islam-seekers in its jails?,” Salama asked during his speech after the Friday prayer in al-Nour mosque, Al-Alam reported.


He said the U.S. pledge of $60 million in direct aid to Syrian rebels is totally baseless.

“I was in Syria a while ago and I did not see any American weapons in the hands of the so-called Free Syrian Army members,” the Wahhabi sheikh, who is also a main supporter of Syrian rebels, added.

Asserting that the U.S. is seeking to annihilate the Muslim Nations and eliminate Arab revolutions, Salama also slammed Egypt’s President Mohammad Morsi’s strategy, adding that he also follows up the policies of Egypt former president Gamal Abdul Nasser”.


“Abdul Nasser’s hands are stained with Muslims’ blood. He imitated Turkish Ataturk style of ruling,” Salama noted.

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