Al-Alam reports of besieged towns in Syria

Al-Alam reports of besieged towns in Syria
Mon Apr 22, 2013 19:36:29

Syrian residents in al-Zahra and Kafr Nabl towns in northwestern city of Aleppo, are struggling with severe life conditions including the epidemic infections after nine months of siege imposed by armed militants, Al-Alam reports.

All the roads are blocked to the region and there is no way to send any emergency or medical aids to the residents. Militants have completely isolated the area, having their arms pointed at any unknown object approaching on the ground or even in the air.


Water is scarce and electricity is cut out by armed rebels. Hygienic condition is reported to be alarming and residents are in emergency needs of medical aids as epidemic diseases are spreading at a concerning rate.


There are reports of a certain type of parasitic infection transmitted by blood-sucking insects which has a long treatment period.

Due to the 9-month seizure, special medicines needed for treatment of this infection were finished in the area long ago and local medics have nothing to offer the infected people.


Humanitarian conditions are getting worse by the day in Syria especially in those areas congested by terrorists.

Earlier this week UN High Commissioner for Refugees warned the Security Council that almost half Syria’s 20.8 million population could be in need of humanitarian help in less than a year, if the fighting is not over.


Antonio Guterres said “400,000 refugees have fled Syria in the last seven weeks, bringing the population of Syrians registered as refugees or waiting to be registered to 1,367,413. If current trends continue, then by the end of the year there may be up to 3.5 million Syrian refugees, together with 6.5 million people inside Syria who could become in need of help.”


“I know that, as High Commissioner for Refugees, I should confine my remarks to the scope of my mandate,” he added. “But as a citizen of the world, I cannot refrain from asking: Isn’t there any way to stop this fighting, to open the door for a political solution?”

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