Bahrain's Al-Wefaq urges jailed students' release

Bahrain's Al-Wefaq urges jailed students' release
Fri Mar 15, 2013 22:11:43

“Al Khalifa regime violated Human Rights first, and then tried the victims of its own atrocities”, said one of Bahrain’s al-Wefaq Society chiefs calling for releasing of all jailed students.

Marking the second anniversary of Al-Khalifa regime’s thugs’ invasion of a university in Manama, Ahmad Al-Alawi told a press conference: “Detention, torture, deportation, and trial of Bahraini university students and professors is still underway”, Al-Alam News Channel reported.

“We expected Al-Khalifa to encourage students, not to try them in regime courts and expel them. Unfortunately, we are faced with a regime that considers a great portion of the population as its enemy and treats them on the basis of this assumption”, he added.

“Regime-affiliated militia groups had previously attacked the university with the help of thugs. Today, many students are still dealing with prosecution and trial”, Al-Alawi noted, referring to the detention of four Bahraini university students two days ago.

The report quoted Al-Alawi as saying that many Bahraini teachers and doctors have been dismissed and tried since 13 March 2011.

He added that “so far, 138 Bahraini students have been tried and 427 students have been expelled for tribal and political reasons. Al-Khalifa regime has also cancelled 70 student scholarships”.


Also present at the press conference was Mohammad Abdul Mahdi, the Bahraini student who was wounded in one of attacks by Al-Khalifa regime’s thugs. He has totally lost his memory as he was directly hit on the head, but the regime refuses to help cure him.

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