UK’s backing of al Khalifa regime censured

UK’s backing of al Khalifa regime censured
Tue Jan 29, 2013 18:27:59

Anti-Al Khalifa regime’s activists have staged a gathering in front of Britain’s prime ministerial palace to protest the UK government’s support to the Bahraini regime.

Al Alam News Channel reported that protesters condemned the UK government’s backing of al-Khalifa regime’s crackdown on the Bahraini people’s pro-democracy gatherings.
The UK government’s backing of oppressive al Khalifa regime comes at a time when many Western countries and human rights organizations censure regime’s crackdown and human rights violations against Bahrainis.
The protesters also called on Prime Minister David Cameron’s government to try to stop al Khalifa regime’s atrocities against the defence-less people of Bahrain, and demanded that al Khalifa regime release all detainees.
Moreover, anti-Al Khalifa regime’s protesters called for Saudi regime’s troops to leave Bahrain and stressed that they will continue their sit-in in front of prime ministerial palace until their demands are met.