Alalam frequencies impaired on Hotbird

Alalam frequencies impaired on Hotbird
Wed Feb 20, 2013 17:30:39

Alalam News Network frequencies were disturbed by Parasite waves on Hotbird satellite, appeared to be from Syria and Turkey, the network’s director manger said.

Ahmad Sadat said on Wednesday that, it was not the first time that Alalam was troubled by parasite waves and they were sent from Syrian and Turkish border areas.
He added that the same problem happened in Bahrain especially when programs about country’s unrest were broadcasted. Nader Abdol Imam, a Bahraini political activist, told Alalam that the Bahraini government interferes with Alalam broadcast because it demonstrates people’s innocence.  According to reports, Alalam is Bahrainis’ first choice of news for getting information about the ongoing fluctuations in their country.